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Farm - Apron Sink Installation and Customization

Determine the measurement of the apron and determine which type of install you require.

  • All standard base cabinets are 34 1/2" in height.
  • Minus the toe kick, the face frame measures go 30" high.
  • Subtract the required clearance needed for your sink from 30" to dermine what size WR cabinet is needed.
  • If top-mount method is used, be sure to account for the thickness of the counter tops
  • Sink Base 36"
  • You will need to support the WR3624, WR3621 or WR3618 cabinet underneath in place of the toe kick section.
  • This can be done with 2x4 framing and TK8 trim over to match.
  • The sink will then be installed on top, cutting holes where necessary for the plumbing.


  • Make sure you have the proper fillers and supports to frame in your sink basin once it is in place. This can be done with any standard wall filler or fluted wall filler to match the finish of the rest of the cabinet.