Freight Damage

  1. PHP is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs during shipment after you give the carrier a clean receipt. All damages that are caused during the delivery process are not covered under the warranty.
  2. In the event that any item of the shipment is received in a different condition than the condition said item was in when collected from the designated agent by the carrier who delivered your order (Concealed Damage), you must report such Concealed Damage to PHP’s claims department at within 5 days from receipt of shipment. Failure to report such damage within said period, shall void your rights to return such damaged item(s) and the PHP shall not be liable to you in any manner in connection with such damaged item(s).
  3. The freight tracking number (AKA Pro Number), the date of delivery, the name of the freight company, the list of concealed damages, and pictures of the damaged product should be reported in this email. Do not discard any of the damaged pieces or any of the packaging. Further instructions will be sent back by email within 2 business day of receipt of this email.  
  4. Replacement pieces are shipped via ground carrier.  Expedited replacement pieces will not be accommodated unless at differential cost to the customer.
  5. The buyer is responsible for all damages that occur after the receipt of this shipment.
  6. All defective parts must be returned to the warehouse within 7 business days of delivery of the new parts.  A return label or instructions for receiving a BOL will be included with the replacement part(s).  It is the responsibility of the customer to get the product to the appropriate shipping agent once the return labels are received.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer service.